Parents, in building healthy and loving family environments

It is a joy to see the community of parents in Ludești, Dâmbovița county connecting and engaging in building healthy and loving family environments!

📍 We opened the doors to discussions focused on communication skills, conflict management and building a positive atmosphere in the family. We have provided resources and practical advice to support parents in developing parenting skills and understanding their children’s needs. We’ve answered specific questions and concerns, customizing the information to fit each family’s unique needs. We saw how community members came together, offering their support and sharing ideas to create a healthy and loving family environment.

🤗 We continue to believe in the power of positive change and community connection!

💖 Thank you to everyone involved for the warmth and openness of your hearts!

✅ Parental counseling activities are part of the “IMPACT Ludești” project, financed by EEA Grants, through the Local Development Program, reducing poverty and increasing the inclusion of Roma, implemented by the Romanian Social Development Fund – FRDS as Program Operator (www.frds .ro,,