We are helping pass on the art of traditional crafts!

We can say that yesterday was a celebration in the Telesti-Ludesti, Dambovita county school. The craft fair we organized brought together 12 children from the Social Sports School (Bucharest) along with 12 children and 25 young people from the local community with the aim of promoting local traditions, but also to encourage sports and a healthy lifestyle.

5 local craftspeople shared the secrets of their work (weaving baskets, creating wooden spoons, pitchforks, cauldrons and bricks for house building), while the football field was home to a friendly game between the children. The meeting of art and sport resulted in something truly fantastic: reconnecting with ourselves, empathy and teamwork!

Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts to all those that were involved!

The educational activities are part of the “IMPACT Ludesti” project, financed by the SEE Grants through the Local development, poverty reduction and Roma inclusion programme, implemented by the Romanian Social Development Fund- FRDS as a programme operator (www.frds.ro, www.eeagrants.org, www.eeagrants.ro).