The School for Parents

In the last two years, when school primarily migrated online, the parents’ responsibility over their children’s education grew significantly. Unfortunately, many were in over their heads. The parents of children who don’t have tablets, computers or a stable internet connection became teachers, regardless of their level of education.

The “IMPACT Ludesti” project takes a holistic approach to its beneficiaries and their problems at school. The parents in Ludesti, understanding the impact their own development can have on their children, take part in the School for Parents. By developing their knowledge, as well as their abilities and self-esteem, the children’s progress is accompanied and supported by the whole family’s progress.

The educational activities are part of the “IMPACT Ludesti” project, financed through the SEE Grants, through the Local development, poverty reduction and increasing the inclusion of Roma people program, implemented by the Romanian Social Development Fund – FRDS, as program operator (,,