Preparing parents for the qualification, education, integration and socialization activities

Remedial education represents an acute need that involves support measures and requires strategic long-term interventions that can ensure the quality and equality of Romanian education. At the same time, the activities aimed at parents (The School for Parents) offers them all the required knowledge to offer a harmonious and healthy education to their children.

The focus of the meetings that took place on the 14th and 23rd of March with the parents of the children enrolled in the Potocelu primary school was the educational and professional path of the children. During these meeting, the parents were informed about qualification, education, integration and socialization programs.

The educational activities are part of the “IMPACT Ludesti” project, financed through the SEE Grants, through the Local development, poverty reduction and increasing the inclusion of Roma people program, implemented by the Romanian Social Development Fund – FRDS, as program operator (,,