Cook’s assistant course

Through a variety of flavors and culinary experiences, we bring the joy of gastronomy to the communities of Ludești, Dâmbovița county!

The Chef’s Helper course is an experience that has given the more than 50 adult participants joy and hope for a better future. The atmosphere during the course was one of excitement, we discovered hidden talents, saw the wonder in the eyes of the participants and created special connections through our shared passion for cooking.

Each person had the opportunity to experiment and show off their creativity in the kitchen. Each learner has the chance to become a potential successful chef, with new skills and a desire for this experience to open doors to other opportunities in life.

The qualification courses are part of the “IMPACT Ludești” project, financed by the SEE Grants through the Local development, poverty reduction and Roma inclusion programme, implemented by the Romanian Social Development Fund- FRDS as a programme operator (,