Community is more than where we live

Community is more than where we live – it’s where we build our future together. Today, we are proud to share a story about the power of education and the determination of young people from the Ludești community, Dâmbovița county.

 In this place full of cultural diversity, young Roma are opening new paths through learning and personal fulfillment. Recently, these young people started a new adventure: they learn how to write a project, they learn to put on paper ideas, dreams and initiatives that will transform their community.

From identifying community needs to the steps and actions involved in implementing a project, whether it’s a children’s park, gym or a space to spend free time, these young people develop their skills and self-confidence. We are not just talking about projects on paper, but about the real and positive change they can bring to the lives of those around them. This initiative not only opens new horizons for young people from the Ludești community, but also demonstrates that each individual has the potential to contribute to change. Education knows no boundaries, and when backed by determination and passion, it can change lives and open doors to immeasurable opportunities.

Congratulations to the young people of Ludești for your courage and for the step you took towards learning and personal growth!

The empowerment activities of young Roma are part of the “IMPACT Ludești” project, financed by the SEE Grants, through the Local Development Program, reducing poverty and increasing the inclusion of Roma, implemented by the Romanian Social Development Fund – FRDS, as Program Operator (,,