Children’s remedial activities

We spent the second of June with the wonderful children from Ludesti, Dambovita county, learning about geometrical figures! After the teacher explained the difference between a sphere, a cylinder and a cube, we all took part in a contest that helped us remember what we learned. Even when we gave the wrong answer, we had the chance to correct the information and make sure we understood what the teacher explained. So you don’t make the same mistake we made: a cube has 8 points, not 6! Trust us, we counted them to make sure.

This is how the children learn in Ludesti- by playing, but with lots of work and passion on their end, but also from the teachers that believe in them and their capacities. The parents were by their side, beliving in the children beside them and getting involved in their education so that they may have a wonderful life. The educational activities are part of the “IMPACT Ludesti” project, financed through the SEE Grants, through the Local development, poverty reduction and increasing the inclusion of Roma people program, implemented by the Romanian Social Development Fund – FRDS, as program operator (,,

Soon you will be able to see how classes take place in Ludesti- keep an eye on our page so you don’t miss the video!