About dental hygiene

We all know that smile is the most beautiful language in the world!

Children from the Ludești community, Dâmbovița county learned about how to keep their teeth healthy and smile confidently from the dentist, who explained to them that dental health should never be neglected. They learned about the importance of regular brushing, the correct use of the brush, dental floss and limiting the consumption of sweets. This information is invaluable and will help your little ones develop long-term healthy habits.

 We encourage all parents to continue to promote oral hygiene in the family and be a positive example for their children.

Health education activities are part of the “IMPACT Ludești” project, financed by EEA Grants, through the Local Development Program, reducing poverty and increasing the inclusion of Roma, implemented by the Romanian Social Development Fund – FRDS, as Program Operator ( www.frds.ro, www.eeagrants.org, www.eeagrants.ro).