Purchase of hairdressing courses

They felt how emotion intertwines with concentration and the desire to excel in the art of barbering. Each haircut, each styling is a story in itself. They experimented with different techniques, created modern haircuts and played with colors to bring their own style to life.

There were moments of challenge and continuous learning, but the 54 young people from the Ludești community, Dâmbovița county overcame the obstacles and evolved through each corrected mistake. The practice gave them the confidence to try new things and the courage to express their creativity.

The barbering course came with opportunities for personal and professional development, giving these young people the chance to discover their potential and create a better future for themselves!

The professional qualification courses take place within the “IMPACT Ludești” project, financed by the SEE Grants through the Local development, poverty reduction and Roma inclusion programme, implemented by the Romanian Social Development Fund- FRDS as a programme operator (www.frds.rowww.eeagrants.org, www.eeagrants.ro).